Scottish Trees

Scottish Trees

Scottish TreesScottish Trees  followed a trip to Scotland to visit my fabulous friend from school, whom I hadn’tseen for over twenty years.  Such a special time to be with you and meet your whole family.

The trees are long standing and bring us together after so long.  Felt like I saw you only yesterday!


oil/mixed media on canvas

50.8 x 61 cm


In Spirit

In Spirit

In SpiritIn Spirit is a soft mixture of clouds as they float and melt into one another.  Their presence is steady though ever changing, representing the impermanence of all conditioned objects and all living beings.  However, there is an everlasting quality which symbolises our spirit after it has experienced human occupancy,  and makes it’s inbound journey back home to the universe.

oil/mixed media on canvas.

92 x 93cm     Available