Sea of Chocolate

Sea of ChocolateSea of Chocolate was a piece in my degree show at Southampton Solent University in 1999.  It is drenched with the intensity of the power and mystery offered by the ocean through darkness.

It is part of the Bournemouth 1999 series.

183 x 153cm



Alizarin CrimsonBroken is filled with emptiness and  confusion. The fleshy colours symbolise an unknown internal inner journey.

39 x 48cm



Brighter Days

BrokenBrighter Days is the first painting of the Rimini Series.  After a month spent in Italy visiting family, it almost painted itself when I returned to the studio!  It was BURSTING with energy and almost on fire as it heated up the canvas and gave birth to the ‘Rimini Series‘.

It is full of the sights, smells, sounds and romance of the experience.

100 x 100cm


Sunny Moments

PetalsSunny Moments is the second creation of the Rimini SeriesIt’s textured surface adds another dimension to the painting producing a tangible understanding of the layers that contribute to this piece of artwork.  The bold colours confirm the heat along the inner and outer journey, and the texture symbolises increasing strength.

91 x 91cm



TrucePetals is a follow on from Broken.  It holds a positive clearing space as the petals fall away and unblock the pathway where confusion and emptiness prevented a positive energy flow.

70 x 25cm



DreamsDreams was conceived whilst sailing down the backwaters of Kerala, Southern India in 2004.  An eight hour boat journey from Kochin upon a world of water; junctions made of water; pathways of water leading up to doorways to houses; a truly magical land on water.

Tons of jelly fish; children waving and playing; endless flanks of palm trees lined the periphery; the sky; the sunset; the clouds.





DeliberationAlso part of the Bournemouth 1999 series, Deliberation was created for the degree show in 1999.  It holds the middle distance as you look out to sea through the dark surroundings, at the obscure horizon.

183 x 153cm