About Sunnie

“Shed the constraints of the mind and body – not striving to be different and not trying to fit in.  Just be.”


resized from lars‘Often, colours, smells, and certain places and people, remind us of something that we can’t quite remember.  The swaying of the trees in the wind, the clouds across the shades of the blue sky, the cracks of a building or the way the moon brightens the waves of the ocean.  And while we try to remember, a space of no-mind is uncovered.  And we are silent.’

I have been painting for over twenty years, exploring various techniques, specialising in oil/mixed media.  I realise that the captivating quality which can only be found in an original piece of artwork, is the spirit of the artist.  Every brushstroke, colour, texture and design exudes the patience, frustrations and diligence of its creator.’

                                                                                          Sunnie Kanani